• Easy to use

  • Loading your products is simple

  • Quick and safe payment traffic

Stoorla’s operating system is very easy to use, from joining the marketplace to loading your own products and mapping the different categories, the entire process is fast and simple and payment traffic is quick and secure.


  • Marketing automation based on customer data

  • Content that supports customers’ shopping decisions

  • Co-marketing cmpaigns for you to save money and time

Stoorla knows its customers. One of our major competitive advantages is that site visitor data and preferences is collected and producing targeted marketing via AI (artificial intelligence). This makes marketing and promotion more effective and efficient for both the shopkeepers and the customers. We are investing in content marketing and brand support for every shopkeeper to guide and enable the customers shopping decisions and to achieve a string Google presence for the marketplace.

In addition we offer opportunities for varying co-marketing campaigns across social and other media formats, saving you the shopkeeper, time and money.


  • Reliable payment service provider

  • Accounts once a week

  • The most common ways of payment for the customer

Once a week, the payment service provider receives all the customer payments and processes them according to the terms of agreement with the individual shopkeepers.

From the customers’ perspective, they can choose between the most common methods of payment for their convenience


  • Open 24/7, in the whole country

  • Easy purchasing raises the price of the average purchase

  • Profit from the clientele of other shop owners

Stoorla sells and delivers your products risk free, 24/7 across the entire country and within the Helsinki locale can deliver within 1 to 3 hours.

A large product selection with a variety of promotional campaigns, combined with a simple purchasing system – all items in one shopping bag, one payment and delivery – which will automatically add conversions and round up prices of the average purchase means that the domestic shopkeeper has the opportunity to profit from the clientele of other shop owners and in turn increase their own customer base and sales.


  • Cost-effective storage facilities

  • The fastest delivery service by concentrating your inventory

  • Additional services as gift wrapping and inventory

By concentrating your stock inventory to Stoorla’s central stock, you are provided with cost-effective storage facilities and extra fast customer delivery within the Helsinki area. If your stock is stored outside the Keha 3 area, the products do not have to be moved to Vantaa central stock in order to receive the fastest delivery service. Effectively, in a customers’ shopping bag, all the products are collected from the different stores are automatically collected together and delivered to the customer in the desired time frame and method. We do also provide additional services including stock inventory and gift wrapping.


  • Cost-effective and fast logistics

  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting of the products

  • No starting payments, commission on actual sales

A variety of delivery options and competitive delivery costs provided by Stoorla offer the shopkeepers extremely cost-effective and fast logistics across the entire country. Full tracking of products from order to transit and even if returned by the customer is provided and reporting of the goods progress to users is comprehensive. Stoorla’s system indicates the best delivery options for each shopping bag to ensure the quickest possible delivery times, from within 1-3 hours in the Helsinki area to within a few days country-wide.


Joining Stoorla is quick and easy, with no startup or monthly payments, shopkeepers only pay commission on actual sales made.


  • ICT-services

  • Advertising agency services

  • Sales and marketing services

In addition to providing the entire service chain from selling of the product to delivery, the shopkeepers at Stoorla also can access services of ICT, advertising and Sales & marketing support. These include translation services and consulting in the field of e-commerce.