Stoorla is an online shopping center that combines different shopkeepers and their stores. Above all, Stoorla is a sales and marketing network where starting and growing of online sales is easy and risk-free. In the shop owner’s point of view, the heart of Stoorla is a cost-effective central stock and competitive delivery.

For the consumer, Stoorla brings the supply of the marketplace closer: The products ordered from Stoorla can be delivered as soon as 1-3 hours in the Helsinki area. In Stoorla the customers can click and collect products and services from different stores to the same shopping bag and pay for them at the same time – even with an invoice. The best part is that the customer pays only for one delivery.

Stoorla’s goal is to make the online marketplace Finland’s best digital platform for buying and selling as well as stop the cash flow to international operators. We in Stoorla want to open up domestic commerce so that even the smallest shopkeeper has the means to sell their products and services equally – and at the same time growing the domestic market and expanding the selection. Behind this ecosystem of e-commerce in Stoorla, there is a professional team with a passion for making things happen as well as a desire and capability to create something new and innovative that contributes to both Finnish shopkeepers and consumers.